32GB Dododuck Q52 Voice Activated Recorder

32GB Dododuck Q52 Voice Activated Recorder - Dododuck

VOICE ACTIVATED RECORDING - Records when the device detects sound automatically and stops recording when the sound goes away. With this feature you only record what is important and save storage space. It will also be much easier to find relevant recordings from the audio file. With Automatic Timestamp, current date and time will be recorded automatically on the audio file so you can easily organize your recordings

LONG RECORDING TIME - The battery allows the device to record for 500 hours non-stop and lasts for 365 days in standby. It takes 6 hours to fully charge.

HD NOISE REDUCTION - Uses DSP professional recording processor with high definition noise reduction to ensure that the audio is clear and crisp.

WATER PROOF - To ensure you can use the recorder outdoors without risk of damaging it because of the rain and snow.

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